Chalvey Depot Slough

Scottish & Southern Energy

No. of units provided
10 mixed tenure

Architectural design and technical delivery

Chalvey Depot was a research and development project for SSE to assess and review the emerging sustainable technologies which it had as investment partners.

Chalvey Depot
Chalvey Depot

This residential scheme comprises 10 new sustainable homes all designed to comply with code for sustainable homes level 6*.  The project delivers a broad range of housing types underpinned by a review of MMC (modern methods of construction) against that of more traditional forms of construction.

The proposal responds to the challenging nature of the technical and design compliance requirements of the code for sustainable homes at its highest level 6.  At the time this project was one of the first to deliver upon level 6 requirements.

This project was led and managed by Mark whilst under the employment of PRP Architects.

Mark has gained invaluable experience from this project in the form of overheating analysis, technological detailed design, integrated sustainable design solutions and MMC collaboration.

Chalvey Depot
Chelvey Depot