22 Chipperfield Road, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire

Chipperfield Road

Private client

No. of units provided
1 remodelled private 5 bedroom home

Planning, architectural design and technical delivery

Chipperfield road is a project for a private family to comprehensively remodel and renovate their home.  The original house dates back to the 1960’s and required an extensive remodelling approach to provide the family accommodation and contemporary uplift required of the brief.

The frontage considered the setting within a leafy street of modern executive high value dwellings and provide the contextual facelift required.

Chipperfield Road
Chipperfield Road

The rear of the property announces the more contemporary playful side of the family. Modern high vaulted gables provide family sleeping accommodation within the treetops of the garden and large open plan ground floor family rooms bleed into the garden spaces.

Chipperfield Road